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Welcome to Senior Programs at the Y!

Our senior programs include a variety of senior-focused group exercise classes, social gatherings, community trips and events, all with a goal of providing a place for seniors to improve community connections, health and movement, as well as build friendships, joy, and a sense of belonging. From potlucks and coffee hours, to pickleball and water fitness, there is something for everyone!

Don’t know where to start? Try Chair Yoga, one of the highest attended Group Exercise classes at the Y! Select your home branch and find a senior activity to try!

Getting Started – Free 30 Minute Weight Room Orientation!

The path to wellness starts here! With your YMCA Membership, you have access to a free 30 minute Weight Room Orientation. We will connect you with a trained Wellness Coach to help you get started by learning how to use equipment, set up a workout plan, and more.

To set up a Weight Room Orientation, please call our Support Center at 425 374 5779, or you can set it up at the Welcome Center next time you go to the Y.

Senior Memberships & Cost

Senior Membership

  • Individual, Age 65+ 
  • $69 a month with a $100 one-time Join Fee

Senior Couple Membership

  • Two Adults, Age 65+ 
  • $100 a month with a $100 one-time Join Fee

Insurance-Based Membership

We partner with Renew Active/One Pass, Silver & Fit, Silver Sneakers, and FitOn Health to provide Insurance-Based Memberships. 

Check with your insurance provider or bring your Health Insurance card to the Y to check eligibility if you qualify for this membership. 

With any of the four membership types listed above, you will have access to all of our YMCA of Snohomish County locations when you come to visit the Y!


For a Senior Couple Membership, do you have to be married?

No. However, you do have to share the same address.

What can I do with an injury or other physical limitations?

First, always consult your primary care doctor before starting a new exercise program.

We recommend Chair Yoga, Water Fitness, and Forever Fit classes for low impact workouts that can accommodate injuries and limitations. 

You can also schedule a complimentary Weight Room Orientation with a trained Wellness Coach who can help guide you on what workouts you should do when you come to the Y.  

What benefits do I get with my Y membership?

  • Unlimited access to all six of our YMCA of Snohomish County facilities
  • Unlimited access to all of our group exercise classes
  • Unlimited access to our pools amenities
  • State-of-the-art fitness equipment
  • Senior events and activities
  • and more!

How do I know if I am eligible for an Insurance-Based Membership?

You can either:

  • Call your insurance provider
  • Call the YMCA Support Center at 425 374 5779
  • Go to the Welcome Center at your YMCA branch

Have your insurance card ready for all of the options listed above

What if I do not qualify for an Insurance-Based Membership and cannot afford a Senior Membership?

Access for All – No one is turned away based on their ability to pay. The Y gave over $3 million in financial assistance in 2022, made possible by the support of donors, partners, and advocates who remain committed to serving our neighbors and community.

Check out our Financial Assistance page to learn more and apply.

What is SilverSneakers, Silver & Fit, and Renew Active?

They are Medicare health plans or Medicare Supplement carriers that partner with the YMCA to provide a basic membership to the Y, with access to group exercise classes, exercise equipment, pools, saunas, and all other facility amenities.

Senior Stories

YMCA Helps Seniors Stay Active

Mukilteo Member Brigitte’s Y Story

The YMCA offers something for all, including members of our community who may have health challenges. Meet Brigitte, a 75-year old diabetic who wears an oxygen tank on a daily basis. Brigitte is an insurance-based member, meaning she comes to the Y for free because of her doctor’s recommendation. She has regularly visited the Mukilteo Family YMCA for nearly two years and it has transformed her health.

Brigitte loves coming to the Y to swim three days a week and can’t rave enough about how it has benefited her. The Y is her “happy place and second home” and it has helped her breathe better, feel less pain in her arthritic joints, and lose weight. Brigitte also enjoys the mood-boosting effects of connecting with others and feels happier on days that she comes to the Y to swim. Brigitte loves the Mukilteo Y staff because they always look forward to seeing her, help her get set up in the pool, and encourage her in her health and fitness journey. Her doctor is also thrilled about all of the amazing progress she has made by coming to the Y.

Brigitte’s love of the Y has led her to become a donor. She hopes that her gift to our Annual Campaign will help give others the opportunity to be involved with the YMCA’s life-changing programs.

Brigitte wants to encourage others with health challenges to not feel stuck and to step out and try the Y. Her story is a reminder of how important it is to live in community, and that the Y helps individuals and communities build resilience as life’s challenges confront us.

Brigitte invites you to join her in the pool for fitness and fun and encourages you to donate to the Y’s Annual Campaign so everyone can have access to experience what the Y has given her.

Give a gift today at

The Three Amigas

“We met at the YMCA and have supported each other through thick and thin , good times and bad , sickness and health texting day and night with words of encouragement. Now we accompany each other ironically on the front bench of the YMCA because we wait for one of our daughters to come back from her daily walks which we can no longer accompany her on due to health reasons, but instead happily greet people as they enter the YMCA with friendly hello’s and waves 👋 and words of encouragement.

I love my Y sister friendships .. we are truly inseparable .. The Three Amigas”

Group Fight Best Friends

“I first met Sandi at Group Fight. I always enjoy watching her push herself which is an inspiration to me. And I enjoy our chats after Group Fight class. She’s a great friend and trooper!”