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Marysville Y and Kendall Auto Partner to Launch 3rd Grade Splash Program

MARYSVILLE, WA. June 27, 2024 – The Marysville Family YMCA, in partnership with Kendall Auto, is thrilled to announce the successful launch of its first-ever 3rd Grade Splash program. This valuable initiative aims to provide essential water safety skills and swimming lessons to 3rd graders in the Marysville School District.

The program kicked off in May, thanks to a generous $20,000 donation from Kendall Auto, enabling nearly 100 students from Allen Creek Elementary School to participate. The program will resume in Fall 2024. The goal is to grow the 3rd Grade Splash program so all students in the Marysville School District have access.

Marysville Family YMCA Executive Director JJ Frank expressed his gratitude, highlighting the crucial role of community support in such initiatives. “We are immensely grateful to Kendall Auto for their flagship donation,” said Frank. “This program is a testament to what we can achieve when we work together to invest in our children’s safety and well-being.”

The 3rd Grade Splash program is not only a response to the immediate need for water safety education but also a long-term investment in the community’s future. Lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water surround the Marysville area, creating a need for local children to be well-equipped to navigate water safely, especially with summer on the horizon.

The 3rd Grade Splash program is supported by aquatics staff and volunteers. “We appreciate our YMCA staff and volunteers who make a difference in the lives of people every day,” said Frank. “Their dedication and hard work are the heart of this program.”

Through this initiative, the Marysville Family YMCA and Kendall Auto are not only teaching vital water safety skills but also fostering a culture of confidence and enjoyment in water-related activities among the youth. “By pooling resources and expertise, we are creating a safer community,” said Frank. “Our combined efforts are reducing water-related risks, ensuring that every child can confidently and safely enjoy the summer season.”

For more information about the 3rd Grade Splash program and how you can support this initiative, please contact JJ Frank at [email protected].



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