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YMCA Child Care Programs Receive $1.3 Million in Complex Needs Funding

EVERETT, WA. June 3, 2024 – The YMCA of Snohomish County is proud to announce that 18 of its School-Age Care sites are recipients of complex needs funding from the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), a vital investment in supporting the mental health and holistic development of youth in YMCA child care. This funding, totaling $1.3 million, will enable the Y to better support the diverse needs of all children in its care.

“This funding is a gamechanger for our programs and the communities we serve,” said Megan Proost, Association Director of Child Care Advancement. “It will allow us to retain and hire mental health staff and provide necessary resources like adaptive materials and one-to-one support staff for children with complex needs in our program.”

The Y’s commitment to its holistic approach to care includes mental health and behavior specialists who adopt a trauma-informed care approach, enhancing the standard of care for children with distinctive needs. These essential staff members not only offer immediate support, but provide ongoing care that comprehensively addresses the multifaceted aspects of complex needs.

“We recognize the importance of tailored support,” said Proost. “Our programs employ essential elements to nurture and support every child in child care, including individual success plans, staff training and development, collaboration with families, schools, and community partners, and safe, inclusive environments.

The impact of this funding extends beyond the child care setting, influencing children’s families, peers, and communities. Children learn valuable skills and strategies such as emotion regulation and conflict resolution in School-Age Care, which they take home, enriching their family dynamics and relationships.

“We believe in a holistic approach to child development and this funding will enable us to continue providing quality care and support from Stanwood to Bothell, helping children academically, socially, and emotionally,” said Proost. “Our goal is to meet every child where they are at, ensuring they find friendship, achievement, and belonging in our programs.”

The Y is committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive. With the support of complex needs funding, the Y is positioned to make an even greater impact on the lives of youth and families in the community. To learn more about YMCA child care, please visit: The Y is currently enrolling for the 2024-25 school year.

Thanks to state funding, the Y is hiring additional mental health support staff and one-on-one leads. To learn more about a rewarding career in YMCA child care, please visit: or

leads. To learn more about a rewarding career in YMCA child care, please visit: or



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